Rock the Rebellious Look: Piercings

A younger, cooler, and rebellious outlook has outshined the proper, preppy and polite look. As the “Street Style” trend gains global recognition, the rugged has taken the place of the traditional put together take on fashion. Everyone knows that accessories are the actual magic workers of an outfit. They transform the simplest look into a totally different and eye- catching ensemble. Perfectly complementing the idea of “the new cool”, a classic punk rock item, the piercing, has also gotten revamped through the hands of Kismet by Milka, but with a twist! We’ve incorporated 14 K gold with diamonds and have created an ever so stylish and glamorous alternative! Our piercings are a perfect fit for the Kismet by Milka woman; a woman who’s fearless, powerful and never afraid of taking risks both in her life and in her fashion. Although they’re miniature items, the time and effort that has gone into the creative process of our piercings’ is equal to that of regular jewelry. We mean every aspect ranging from the engineering of the product, to the design and most importantly the health aspect. As Kismet by Milka, we’ve particularly used nickel free piercings, which are ideal for your health. Working closely with an expert piercer into creating the perfectly curated Kismet by Milka ear, our newest collection offers a luxurious substitute to the classic piercing, to a variety of women from any age.

            As the piercing trend continues to catch the eye of those daring enough, we as Kismet by Milka have thought of everything for our clients, including in-store perforation service as well! We work with the best to create the most hygienic and healthy environment possible, so the only thing you’ve got to do is sit back and decide between our selection of timeless and stylish piercings without a single doubt in mind!

            As a matter of fact, we’ve most recently teamed up with celebrity piercer Brian Keith Thompson, the owner and head piercer of the world-famous Body Electric Tattoo in Los Angeles! Brian has joined our team for a special collaborative capsule collection and has pierced those at our piercing party at the Couture Show! Stay tuned for more exciting news! You never know what’s next… For more check out :


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If You Can Dream it, You Can Do It  #MovingForward


 A strong, independent woman who never stops dreaming and fighting for her dreams is the epitome of the Kismet by Milka woman. The complexity of women makes them a perfect subject to study. Beneath each and every layer a woman decides to reveal, lies a different secret. It’s hard to define what a woman is. Within their puzzling nature lies passion, hardwork and a constant desire of betterment; both in terms of themselves and their surroundings. This sea of emotions that propel women to constantly move forward has inspired and continues to inspire Kısmet by Milka. The depth of a woman is so vast that she unconsciously continues to reflect something new throughout her life while never aiming to settle. Let alone this trait of women, helps the designer, Milka Karaagacli remain inspired at all times…


The Kismet woman is a woman who never stops dreaming. Her priority is always to evolve, to grow and to better herself. Don’t get us wrong though. This woman isn’t a woman who’s lost herself and the true essence of who she is in her ambitious journey. She’s emotional, she’s peaceful, she’s strong, she’s both put together and all over the place. She isn’t this unattainable idea of a perfect woman. She’s perfect with her imperfections. She has made peace with herself. Yet at the same time, she never stops growing and learning. She takes on every day as it comes since every day is a new experience. Somedays life is all about your dreams, hopes, and visions for the future, but there are some days where life is just about putting one foot in front of the other. And that’s okay. We as Kismet by Milka put women in the center, and embrace this journey called life. We refuse to be content with the success we’ve earned and never take anything for granted. That’s why our motto is to continue to move forward at all times… #movingforward